Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Almost Forgotten

Hiiiiiii Guyssss!!!

How are we all doing today? I'm doing all right except for the few occasional's.

I almost forgot to post my outfit video which I wore for the OohLala magazine awards on here

So here it is.

PS: I might just do a picture post separately for this out fit like its super cute and would love for you to see all the details that are in it.
Phewww that was mouth full..
Okay Guys
I'll see you in my next post

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blogger Awards


How we all doing?

On the 13th of this month I had the honour to attend the OohlalaMagazineBloggerawards  Ceremony which was held at 37Dawson street.
Location was great loved it, The reception room was dark which also had a drakishh theme going on with it. There also was a whole lot of wall arts which were interesting and intriguing.

There was a whole lot of fabulous people there but one of the things that I did not like at all was that it was a bit over crowded and that had me sweating and my make up melting which turned it dewy.(OK lets get this straight melted foundation and white shirt don't go....)

Apart from all the standing in heels, I loved loved my evening. I was accompanied by a friend (Benita..Guys guess what we VLOGGED video will be up soon) so that was great fun champagne to drink and munches. I also met some blogger so that was great. Congrats to all the winners and the best contender won. So congrats to her and to the other nominees.

SO... Picture overload happing from here on(AND the occasional toilet selfies )

The beautiful bloggers Raquel (modaytendenciasrtg) and Lara(The 109 Block) 

Definitely had to show my shoe game.

So that's it guys 
Had such a great time
Thanks to all the sponsors  


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bantu Knots

Hi Guys,
This one of my new hair discoveries.
Let's just say I'm in love.
Here are pics

Happy Reading


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Huge Collective Swap Haul


I'm going to make this a short post more details of some items are coming up in the next blog.
I'm here with a collective Make up haul which I did over a couple of months + some stuff which I got of my sister.

                                Benefit They're Real Mascara

                                NYX Glitter and Cream Pallet

                                  Stila Compact 4 Pallet

                                MAC Eye Shadow Antiqued

                                Inglot Round Eye Shadows(Left to Right)

                                1) 474 Double Sparkle
                                2) 484 Double Sparkle

                                           Inglot Round Eye Shadows(Left to Right)
                                           1) 446 Pearl
                                           2) 60 AMC
                                           3) 446 Matte

                                L.A.Colours Lipstick(LEFT - RIGHT)
                                2)Caramel Cream
                                3)Black Velvet
                                4)L.A.Colour Jumbo Eye Pencil Sea Shells

                                Magazine Freebies

                                Avon Lipstick : Smitten Red
                                Model co Eye Pencil

Happy Reading 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Big Hair Don't Care


Ok while you will never catch me is an afro wig I have been having this urge to style my hair in an afro.
In the odd 2 years plus that i have been natural (THROUGH TRIALS AND TRIBULATION MIGHT I ADD) I have never had my hair in a fully blown out afro it was either twists or protective styling which is fine by me as the process of styling my hair has become daunting.

Afro hair has been around for quite some while with the likes of MJ( Michael Jackson)Snoop Dog.YEA!! I said Snoop Doggy and most of all in the times of our forefathers really.

Vintage afro sheen
SnooP DOG!!

So with this realisation I got my self inspired by looking at images of how my blow out hair should turn out
because lets be honest I have never had done this so.....YEA!!!

These are selected favourites images of mine.
So while I wont be doing this pose any time soon I still love the hair on her 

SO tribal Chic



Need I say MORE!!

I also must Include bloggers who inspired me as well.

The lovely ZeldanFestus She can rock A fro Like no ones Biz

The GORGEOUS ladies from the 4aces Blog

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This Girls AFRO give me LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
Dare I say she is my Hair Pornista.


Went thrift-shopping today for the cheap stuff. Can’t wait to get braids so my hair can be out of my face for once - Yagazie

So Guys that's it for now I would let you know what happens next with my hair stay tuned for that.
Feel free to check out all the names of bloggers mentioned below their blogs are amazing and I follow and read each one of them regularly.

Happy Reading

Sunday, June 30, 2013



Hi guys. I'm here with a swap haul which I did with a lovely youtber. Her channel name is (Freedomprinsimy) feel free to check her out.
I wanted to try out some KIKO products(again I have major issues with companies that not deliver to Ireland I'll leave this rant for another post.) but they do not ship to Ireland which was fine on this occasion as it gave me the opportunity to reach out and do a swap with her. I had great fun doing this swap and I absolutely love all the products which I received. 
These are the pictures and swatches of the beauty products which I received.

I love this two colours from Kiko and L.A. Colours they are my 'IT'
Colour at the moment 

List of products:
1) Kiko Natural Concealer 05
2)Kiko Smart Lipstick 906
3) Kiko Smart Lipstick 923
4)Kiko Smart Lipstick 904
5)Kiko Smart Lip pencil 704
6)Kiko Smart Lip pencil 700 
7)Kiko Smart Eye pencil 812
8Kiko Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner
9)Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara 

Happy Reading